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Scrap Car Walsall

A scrap car Walsall dealer’s process is known as a scrap yard, or car salvage yards. The aim of these yards is to process the scrap car Walsall or other urban centres do not want, in order to make the most possible use of any usable parts, and to safely dispose of the others. When thinking of a scrap car many Walsall drivers will imagine a car that has been completely destroyed, shattered or burnt, in an accident, or is so covered in rust that it is hardly recognisable as a car. However, the kind of scrap car Walsall dealers see in the course of their work days often has many useful parts or materials left on it. The problem is simply that the car has reached a point where it would cost the owner more money to repair it to a condition in which it is saleable than they would be able to sell it for. In other words it is no longer financially viable.

The kind of scrap car Walsall dealer’s process often has some viable parts left on it. Although many people buy their car parts from official dealers (often the same dealer who sold them the car, e.g. a Volvo parts dealership for a Volvo car, or a BMW parts dealership for a car made by BMW), many other drivers prefer to make use of the far cheaper parts available from a scrap yard or car salvage yard. The scrap car Walsall parts buyers are looking for are ones which, although they do not ‘work’ in the sense that the whole car is not drivable, are still viable as individual parts can be safely put into a car which is missing them. This is an environmentally friendly way to source parts for broken cars, and to dispose of old ones. This is especially true if the scrap car Walsall drivers want to get rid of is taken to a properly accredited scrap yard which has a full End of Life Vehicle licence. This proves that they have the know-how and the facilities to dispose of the dangerous materials, fluids and components within cars in an environmentally healthy way.

It’s great when someone finds a use for a part of an old car that had previously been given up for good as scrap. However, the type of scrap car Walsall scrap yards most commonly process is one that doesn’t really have any viable parts left. The process for the kind of scrap car Walsall dealers receive is to remove all dangerous materials inside it. Some of the materials used to build cars can be poisonous or even explosive if allowed to deteriorate, or if they come into contact with fire, just think of the terrifyingly dramatic action movie crashes often see when a car explodes due to the fluids inside catching fire! They then separate the materials into different types for recycling. A scrap car Walsall operators with proper End Of Life Vehicle licences are taking care of will follow a process dictated by the Environmental Waste Agency in its 1990 legislation. This states that all parts containing potentially dangerous materials or fluids, such as brake fluid, petrol, rubber tyres, switches and batteries containing mercury or any type of acid, will be removed and disposed of in a safe and sterile environment.

Then, the scrap car is dismantled and sorted into parts made of different materials; metal, plastic and glass. These materials could be made into many different types of products, including soft drink cans, domestic appliances, and even new cars. Not only intact parts are removed and reused, materials from the parts can also be melted down and shaped into new parts, components or whole cars. A scrap car Walsall dealerships process will end its days in a useful way, as part of a whole new product, rather than simply clogging up a land fill site. These land fill sites contain material which can take hundreds or even thousands of years to decay, causing harm to the earth in the mean time. But the scrap car Walsall drivers take to salvage yards will be reused and recycled so as to make the best possible use of all the parts.

Sometimes the scrap car Walsall scrap yards take on will be processed by the same company’s recycling plant, and the parts sold on to the big companies which make all kinds of products, from motor bikes to soft drink cans. Other scrap yards do not have their own recycling plants attached, but will sell the materials on immediately. Whichever way, the scrap car Walsall drivers get rid of is recycled, taking it to a scrap yard is always better than abandoning it.

Scrap car Walsall dealerships are becoming more and more high tech. Nowadays, many scrap yards will include an office which may include details on all the different parts available in the yard, and a rough estimate of the volume of raw materials which the scrap yard can expect to process, based on the number and size of the cars stored there. The scrap cars Walsall drivers dump at the scrap yard may be meticulously traced, the yard operators decide what will happen to every part of the car, from leftover lighter fluid to the spokes inside the wheels.

Cars are processed, finally, by being crushed in a scrap metal processor. Although this won’t happen until the owners at the scrap yard are sure that there are no parts or materials left on it that they can resell as they are. It often takes a long time for cars to reach this point. Even the kind of scrap car Walsall drivers may see as useless may be an attractive acquisition for an amateur mechanic or hobbyist, who likes to rebuild seemingly hopelessly broken cars as a leisure pursuit. When the scrap metal processor has completely crushed what is left of the scrap car Walsall scrap yards will be made available to recycling plants, and a whole new life for the car will start.