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Scrap Car West Midlands

For people looking to offload a scrap car West Midlands dealerships have a lot to offer. Like many UK regions, the West Midlands have a lot of different dealerships. These dealerships offer consumers a convenient and cost-effective way to get rid of cars that they no longer want to use, and which aren’t in a good enough state to sell on to a new owner. Many times people want to get rid of an old car, but don’t want to see all the money they invested in buying it going out the window. Luckily there’s a solution. People often get fairly good prices for the raw materials which make up old cars, by processing them through a scrap car dealership. This is partly because manufacturing companies get a lot of benefits if they use a certain amount of raw material that has been recycled when they’re building their products. Because of the importance of the environment preservation, many government bodies require or reward manufacturers to use recycled materials. The type of scrap car West Midlands drivers are looking to get rid of are full of some of the most desirable materials for many types of manufacturers such as plastic, glass, and most of all metal!

Many people still think that scrap yards, car salvage lots and car scrap dealerships will be unfriendly and unhelpful. They think of them as a last resort rather than as an attractive option. Some people will abandon their cars on the street, or just let unusable and irreparable cars sit out on the driveway for months, rather than taking the car to a scrap yard! But if you need to get rid of a car the scrap car West Midlands dealerships will often be extremely helpful. Some will even come and pick up the scrap car West Midlands drivers want to get rid of, while many even offer an on line price calculation service. Scrap yards will generally pay you for your car, especially if it still has some usable parts. This doesn’t mean that the car has to be in working order, just that it must have some parts. The kind of scrap car West Midlands scrap yards will pay for usually have some components intact, such as a steering wheel, a working wheel or a gearbox. Before the internet became so widespread, most people had to find a way to get a car, often a car that could no longer be driven, to the scrap yard to get an evaluation of the price. If the customer got the car all the way there and was then told that it was worthless, he or she would decide that lugging it all the way to another dealership was too much hassle, and leave disappointed.

Now, if you have a scrap car West Midlands dealers might be interested in, many of them provide a free online service where you can find out how much they will be willing to pay for your scrap car before you even get near the scrap yard. All you need to do is give them information about the make, model, age and number of working parts. You could be surprised by how much recycling companies will pay for a car that is completely worthless to you. If you have a fairly intact scrap car West Midlands scrap yards will usually be more than happy to pick up the car for you and take it to the yard. So all you have to do is enter the details of the car on the internet, and soon afterwards someone will come to your home, take away the unwanted vehicle and hand you over some cash!

The only thing that you need to check up on is whether the scrap car West Midlands dealership that you’re using has an End of Life Vehicle Licence which allows them to safely recycle, reuse and destroy the different parts of the car in a safe and environmentally friendly way. You can easily find out whether the dealership holds this licence, and is otherwise legitimate, by asking for a destruction order form when you hand your car over. This is necessary for you, as disposing of your car to an organisation which isn’t licensed is actually illegal! Luckily, the type of scrap car West Midlands drivers usually want to get rid of shouldn’t have trouble finding a suitable and fully licensed scrap yard which will help them dispose of their cars.

When you hand over your scrap car West Midlands dealers will take it through a three step process. First, they’ll check for and remove any resalable parts. Some customers will never take a car to a scrap yard when it still has usable parts, as these can be sold on through a local mechanic; however, it’s not unusual for the scrap car West Midlands drivers throw away to actually contain usable parts when it’s already in the scrap yard. In this case, the scrap yard will remove these parts themselves and sell them on. The next step is the part that makes scrap yards an ethical and environmentally friendly way of disposing of a scrap car West Midlands drivers no longer want. All hazardous materials (from rubber on the tyres to windscreen wiper fluid) will be removed expertly and safely destroyed. These two processes might take days, or years. Some dealers will leave cars intact in their yards until each part has been individually bought, while some will take them off straight away to be sold on. Either way, the last step is the same; the raw materials will be sold on to a recycling facility.

After the car is crushed by the scrap metal processes, the raw metal, plastic and glass can be sold on to make all kinds of things. When you’re looking to sell a scrap car West Midlands dealers will be able to assure you that every bit of your car will eventually be re-used or recycled, and that’s what makes scrap yards ethical and environmentally friendly, as well as being (in the internet age) the most convenient option for anyone with an old wreck sitting in the garage!